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Winery Vintages 
Lehmann (Peter)288 vintages
Yalumba282 vintages
Torbreck281 vintages
Elderton216 vintages
Grant Burge Wines204 vintages
Barossa Valley Estate180 vintages
Two Hands Wines157 vintages
Greenock Creek145 vintages
Saint Hallett143 vintages
Rusden141 vintages
Kaesler140 vintages
Turkey Flat133 vintages
Langmeil Winery113 vintages
Henschke Wines112 vintages
Schild Estate Wines105 vintages
Burge Family Winemakers (Rick Burge)104 vintages
Melton (Charles)104 vintages
Magpie Estate (The)92 vintages
Glaetzer Wines89 vintages
Ross Estate89 vintages
Rockford88 vintages
Thorn-Clarke Wines81 vintages
Haan Wines79 vintages
Dutschke Wines78 vintages
Hentley Farm75 vintages
Charles Cimicky74 vintages
Veritas Winery (Barossa)74 vintages
Chris Ringland Vintners73 vintages
Craneford Wines65 vintages
Penfolds62 vintages
Hill-Smith Estate59 vintages
Binder Wines (Rolf)59 vintages
Tait55 vintages
Willows (The)54 vintages
Teusner53 vintages
Murray Street Vineyards52 vintages
Kalleske Wines51 vintages
Bethany49 vintages
Trevor Jones Wines49 vintages
Kurtz Family Winery48 vintages
Colonial Estate (The)47 vintages
Massena44 vintages
Hewitson43 vintages
Rosemount42 vintages
Hobbs Vintners ((Barossa))41 vintages
Glaymond Wines40 vintages
Glen Eldon Wines39 vintages
Kilikanoon38 vintages
Lindemans34 vintages
Saltram Estates34 vintages
Basedow33 vintages
Fox Gordon32 vintages
Gibson 's Barossa Vale Wines31 vintages
Hahn (J.J.)31 vintages
Simon Hackett Wines (Simon)30 vintages
Small Gully Wines30 vintages
Spinifex30 vintages
Hare's Chase29 vintages
Blass Winery (Wolf)29 vintages
Branson Wines29 vintages
Jacob's Creek29 vintages
Betts & Scholl28 vintages
Jenke27 vintages
Tscharke27 vintages
Sons Of Eden27 vintages
John Duval Wines26 vintages
Merrill (Geoff)25 vintages
First Drop25 vintages
Heritage Wines24 vintages
Paringa Estate24 vintages
Australian Domaine Wines23 vintages
Rockbare22 vintages
Hamilton's Ewell Vineyards21 vintages
Whistler Wines21 vintages
Stanley Brothers20 vintages
Standish19 vintages
Seaview Winery19 vintages
Saint John's Road19 vintages
Viking Wines19 vintages
Earthworks19 vintages
Liebichwein18 vintages
Troll Creek18 vintages
Schwarz Wine Co18 vintages
Steve Hoff18 vintages
Schulz (Marcus)17 vintages
David Franz17 vintages
Deisen Wines17 vintages
Hanenhof Vineyard17 vintages
Long Flat16 vintages
Sieber Road16 vintages
Seppelt (House of)16 vintages
Tamar Ridge Winery15 vintages
RBJ15 vintages
Heartland Wines15 vintages
Gnadenfrei Estate15 vintages
Black Opal15 vintages
Loan14 vintages
Hongell (John)14 vintages
Three Rivers - 3 Rivers14 vintages
Winter Creek13 vintages
Smidge Wines13 vintages
Miranda Family Winemakers13 vintages
Cigale13 vintages
Groom Wines13 vintages
Cat Amongst The Pigeons12 vintages
Berri Estates12 vintages
Koala Ridge12 vintages
Schubert (Estate Winery)12 vintages
Tanunda (Chateau)12 vintages
Schild Gms11 vintages
Paracombe11 vintages
Barossa Old Vine Wine Co11 vintages
Angus The Bull Winery11 vintages
Binder Mitchell11 vintages
Bridgewater Mill11 vintages
AusVetia10 vintages
Mitolo10 vintages
Nine Stones10 vintages
Nurihannam10 vintages
Nuriootpa High School10 vintages
Hazyblur Wines10 vintages
Smith Wines (Tim)10 vintages
Tower9 vintages
Two Up9 vintages
Loose End9 vintages
Marquis Philips Wines9 vintages
Milton Park9 vintages
Archetype9 vintages
Barossa Class9 vintages
Chehalem Wines8 vintages
Echo Point8 vintages
Heath Wines8 vintages
Hartz Barn8 vintages
Piping Shrike8 vintages
Old School Winery8 vintages
Mount Billy8 vintages
Tin Shed Wines8 vintages
Silesian Wine Co7 vintages
Lost Wolf7 vintages
Red Mud7 vintages
Pure Love7 vintages
Limb Vineyards7 vintages
Jason Schwartz7 vintages
Lawson Wines7 vintages
Heathvale Vineyards7 vintages
Epsilon7 vintages
Cirillo Estate Wines7 vintages
Buckeley's7 vintages
Beer Bros.7 vintages
Balthazar of the Barossa6 vintages
Linfield Road Wines6 vintages
Lost Highway6 vintages
Katherine Hills6 vintages
R.B.J.6 vintages
Red Nectar Wines6 vintages
Pirathon6 vintages
Lunar6 vintages
Stonehorse6 vintages
Seppelt6 vintages
Sheep's Back5 vintages
Two Way Range5 vintages
Mclean's Farm5 vintages
Para-Creek5 vintages
J P Belle Terroir5 vintages
Larrikin5 vintages
Barossa Ridge5 vintages
Heaven's Gate5 vintages
Hardys5 vintages
Habermann's Hohe4 vintages
Fern Hill4 vintages
BarossaVale Winery4 vintages
Barton Vale Vineyards4 vintages
9 Mile Road4 vintages
Boots4 vintages
Butting Heads4 vintages
Loose End Gsm4 vintages
Irvine Wines4 vintages
Yunbar4 vintages
Rovalley Ridge4 vintages
Solitary Vineyards3 vintages
Stanley Lambert3 vintages
Wirra Wirra Vineyards3 vintages
Kay Brothers3 vintages
Grants3 vintages
Heggies Vineyard Estate3 vintages
Harbord2 vintages
Byards2 vintages
Barossa Graduate2 vintages
Hundred Acre Vineyard2 vintages
Mark Swann Wines2 vintages
M. Brown2 vintages
Randall's Hill2 vintages
Tolley's2 vintages
Torzi Matthews2 vintages
Roo's Leap2 vintages
Step Road Wines1 vintages
Shiralee1 vintages
Shulz1 vintages
The House Of Rocland1 vintages
Wynn Wines (David)1 vintages
Willow Bend1 vintages
Riverside1 vintages
Pewsey Vale1 vintages
Madcap Wines1 vintages
Lucky Country (The)1 vintages
Mount Langi Ghiran1 vintages
Kalyra1 vintages
Jaja Wine1 vintages
Lara Station1 vintages
Barletta Bros.1 vintages
Boutique1 vintages
Governor Phillip1 vintages
Graeser1 vintages

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